Companies like Tata Play Fiber and Airtel Extreme Fiber are busy attracting customers through their broadband plans. The name of Tata Sky Fiber has now been changed to Tata Play Fiber. Both companies offer a 200mbps broadband plan to their customers. Here we are going to compare the plans of both these companies for you.

tata play fiber 200mbps broadband plan

The price of the 200mbps broadband plan of Tata Play Fiber is Rs 1150. In this plan, you are given 3.3TB of data every month. Along with this, the company is also giving the router for free. You are also not charged any kind of installation charge, but for this, you have to make a plan of at least 3 months together. In the plan, you are also given a voice calling connection through a fixed line, for which no extra charge will be taken.

airtel extreme fiber 200mbps broadband plan

Airtel Xstream Fiber’s broadband plan, which gives 200 Mbps speed every month, costs ₹ 999. Apart from being cheap, you also get OTT benefits in it. In the Airtel Extreme Fiber plan, you are given membership like Amazon Prime, Wink Music for free. In this, you are also given a fixed-line voice calling connection with 3.3TB of data every month.

Which plan is your advantage

Obviously, out of these two plans, you will find Airtel Extreme Fiber plan more affordable. In Airtel’s plan, you also get additional OTT benefits. Let us also tell you that there is currently no plan available in Reliance Jio Fiber with a speed of 200 Mbps.

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