The country is celebrating the 71st Constitution Day today. The main program was held in the Central Hall of Parliament on this occasion. In the program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress without naming it. Targeting the family, he called the Congress ‘Party for the Family, Party by the Family’. Modi also said that the makers of the Constitution put the interest of the country first, but over time, politics affected Nation First so much that the interest of the country was left behind.

Along with the Congress on which the Prime Minister targeted, 14 opposition parties of the country have boycotted the program of Constitution Day. These include Shiv Sena, NCP, Samajwadi Party, RJD, IUML, and DMK. In fact, Congress and Trinamool had already refused to participate in the program. After this, on the appeal of Congress, other parties also announced not to attend the program.

Remembering those killed in the Mumbai attack

At the beginning of the program, Modi said, ‘Today is the day to bow to forward-looking great personalities like Ambedkar, Rajendra Prasad. Today is the day to salute this House. Today is also 26/11. That sad day, when the enemies of the country came inside the country and carried out such a terrorist incident in Mumbai. Under the responsibility of protecting the common man of the country as mentioned in the Constitution of India, many of our brave soldiers made supreme sacrifice by dedicating themselves while fighting those terrorists. I bow to all those sacrifices today.

National interest left behind due to politics

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Modi said, ‘Sometimes we think what would have happened if we needed to make a constitution. Despite the fear of partition, the struggle for independence, the interest of the country is the biggest, this was the mantra in everyone’s heart while making the constitution. A country full of diversities, many dialects, creeds, and princely states, in spite of all this, through the constitution, binds the country in a bond and moves the country forward. If we see in today’s context, perhaps we could have completed even one page of the Constitution. Because time has created such an impact on Nation First that politics has left behind the interest of the nation.

need to evaluate yourself

The PM said, ‘Friends, our constitution is not just a collection of many articles. The Constitution is the modern expression of the great tradition of thousands of years, the Akhand Dhara of India. We have our devotion to the Constitution in letter and spirit. When we fulfill the responsibility of the constitutional system from the gram panchayat to the parliament as a public representative, then this sentiment has to be remembered. While doing this, where the sentiments of the Constitution are being hurt, it cannot be ignored. This Constitution Day should also be celebrated because whatever they are doing, they are right or wrong in terms of the constitution. way right or wrong. We must make our own assessment.

Constitution Day should have been celebrated on 26 November only

The Prime Minister said, ‘It would have been better after the country became independent, the tradition of celebrating Constitution Day should have been started on 26 November. Because of this, our generations would know that how the constitution was made, who made it, why it was made, where it takes it, how it takes it, this discussion would happen every year. We have considered it as a social document and living entity. In a country full of diversity, it would have worked as an opportunity as a force. Some people missed it. On the 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar, we felt that what could be a greater occasion than this to remember the holy tribute that Ambedkar has given.

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There was a protest on the mention of 26 November in the Parliament

Modi said, ‘In 2015, when I was speaking in this House, there was a protest on that day also where did you bring 26 November, why are you doing it, what was the need. India is a constitutional democratic tradition. Political parties have their own importance. Political parties are also a medium to convey the sentiments of our constitution to the people. The spirit of the Constitution has also been hurt. Every section of the Constitution has also been hurt. Modi said, “Go from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in the country. India is moving towards such a crisis, that is family parties. Political parties are Party for the Family, Party by the Family and now there is no need to say any further. Kashmir to Kanyakumari Till look at political parties it is against the spirit of democracy. It is contrary to what the constitution tells us. When I say family parties, I do not say that more than one person should not come from the family. of merit and Come with the blessings of the people.