Aruna Irani and Kuku Kohli were married in the year 1990. Aruna Irani was 40 years old at that time. During the shooting, both of them used to have a lot of fights on the sets but in the end, both of them fell in love and then got married. After 32 years of marriage, now Aruna Irani has exposed a secret about her personal life which hardly anyone had any idea about.

Aruna fell in love with Kuku during the shooting

Talking about her husband Kuku Kohli, Aruna Irani told in an interview with TOI, ‘We met during the shooting of a film and worked together. During that film, he used to make the rest of the actors wait till Dharmendra Ji came on the set for shooting. I used to get very angry because I was working on another film at the same time.

Aruna Irani said – I don’t know how I got confused

Aruna Irani said that in this way their relationship started as a love-hate relationship. Aruna Irani told that she used to get very angry, after which Kuku Kohli used to come to persuade her. Jokingly, Aruna Irani said, ‘I did not understand how he got confused in that affair.’ Aruna Irani said that she does not like to talk about him (Kuku Kohli) because maybe his first wife will not like it.

Kuku Kohli did not tell about being married

Talking about Kuku Kohli, Aruna Irani said, ‘When we met, he didn’t even tell me that he was married and that’s why I fell in love with him. That’s why it doesn’t feel right to talk about our relationship as he was already married, had a wife and a daughter. Now I am talking about this because his wife passed away a few months back.

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Aruna Irani said – Thankfully I do not have any children

While talking about Kuku, Aruna had told in an interview how Kuku Kohli, despite marrying Aruna, had told him to live comfortably with her by not divorcing his first wife. She also decided that she would not have any children. Aruna said, ‘Today when I see my nephews and nieces, I am happy that I do not have any children. If a guest came to the house and my child did not greet them or lay quietly on the sofa, as today’s children do, I would be very sad. Because the attitude of today’s children is ‘So What?’ is type. Well, God is great.’