Army’s MI17V5 aircraft crashed in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu on Wednesday morning. This incident is also more sensitive because 14 army officers including the country’s Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat and his wife were present on the plane. The helicopter crashed due to bad weather. It is reported that 11 officers were killed in this accident. While three have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. This is not the first time that CDS Bipin Rawat has been a victim of an accident, the incident is in 2015 when Bipin Rawat’s helicopter was cashed.

This incident was on 3rd February 2015. At that time Bipin Rawat did not become the Chief of Defense Staff. Bipin Rawat was appointed CDS in the year 2016. Bipin Rawat is the first CDS in the country. Lt Gen Bipin Rawat was then heading the Army’s 3-Core headquarters at Dimapur in Nagaland. Rawat left Dimapur in his Cheetah chopper, but lost control of his chopper at some altitude and the helicopter crashed. It is said that engine failure was the reason behind the accident. According to news agency PTI, however, CDS Bipin Rawat defeated Death. He had minor injuries at that time.

At that time, the army had said in its official statement that the helicopter could only reach a height of a few meters above the ground. During this, there was some disturbance in this single-engine chopper and both its pilots lost control. But there was no news of any loss of life in the crash. In this incident too, the Air Force had set up a high-level investigation.

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