Bharatiya Janata Party’s national spokesperson Gopal Krishna Agarwal said on Monday that the BJP would be successful in forming the government in four of the five states. He said that the public will also reward the party for the work done by the BJP government at the Center and in the state. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, he said, ‘BJP is going to form government in four out of five states and in Punjab also our situation is going to improve a lot. Our government will be formed in Uttar Pradesh with a good majority.

“We will form the government in Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Goa. Uttar Pradesh is a very big state and has a lot of opportunities for economic development, but before 2017 it was in the hands of the corrupt. Hooliganism was at its peak here.

Aggarwal said, ‘I went to many assembly constituencies of the state and got to know their views from the people there. Also visited Gorakhpur and Kashi. I believe that the people of UP have faith in the BJP. People appreciate the work of the BJP for five years. There has been a lot of improvement in UP in terms of law and order. The chaotic elements are in jail today. Now the police have also started getting respect. Earlier, people did not look at the police with respect. The law and order situation is very good now.

He said, if you want to see the development work of BJP in UP, then look at 13 new airports and 6 new expressways. Modi Ji and Yogi ji have done a great job in infrastructure, law and order, and other areas of development. Let us inform that apart from Agarwal, many BJP leaders have claimed to form the government in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, and Manipur. However, no one has made such a claim about Punjab.

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