The Twitter account of Bharatiya Janata Party national president and MP JP Nadda was hacked on Sunday morning. However, it was restored after some time. “Sorry, my account got hacked. Here to donate to Russia because they need help,” the hackers wrote in a tweet. The hackers also changed the name of the profile to ICG OWNS INDIA. Now, these tweets have been deleted.


After the hacking of Nadda’s Twitter account, there was an appeal for donations in cryptocurrency to help Russia and Ukraine. In another tweet, it was said that we have to stand with the people of Russia. Now help will also be taken from the cryptocurrencies bitcoin and Ethereum. There was also a tweet about the help of Ukraine from the hacked account. It said that my account has not been hacked. All donations will be given to the Government of Ukraine.

Twitter account of PM Modi has also been hacked

A few days ago, hackers broke into the Twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was told by the PMO that after restoring the account, this matter has been taken up with the micro-blogging website Twitter. The PMO tweeted, “PM Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle hacked for a while. The matter was taken up with Twitter and the account has also been restored and secured immediately. Shared within minutes of being hacked Ignore the tweet.”

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