A picture has been made about China in front of the outside world, which gives a glimpse of the dragon being very strong. But is this true? Experts have something else to say on the matter. Roger Garside, the author of “China Cop”, says that contrary to claims of so-called stability in the face of the outside world, China is “strong on the outside, but weak on the inside”.


Garside, who served twice at the British embassy in Beijing, says internal factors in China could destabilize the current regime. The statement comes at a time when Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to secure himself for the third time in a row as CCP president at the National Party Congress this year.

Garside said President Xi’s current government is spending more of its budget on internal security than on the military. “It fears its internal enemies”, he said. The author believes that a group of communist leaders could launch an internal coup against Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and turn China into a democratic political system.

“China’s political situation is gravely ill. Only transplantation can save the political body, and the only other cure is a competitive former democracy system,” Garside, a diplomat, told The Epoch Times. According to Garside, the high-level leadership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes that Xi is leading China in a “very risky and dangerous direction”. CCP leaders, including Premier Li Keqiang, believe Xi is jeopardizing the future of the CCP as well as his wealth and power.

Claiming that the CCP leader is conspiring against the Chinese leader, the author further stated that certain signs of the CCP’s weakness could enable such a coup. Apart from the political front, another internal factor is that China’s private sector has become powerful and autonomous. According to Garcia, this is putting pressure on the CCP, causing concern in the country’s leadership.

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“Alibaba has raised $24 billion from the New York Stock Exchange; 248 other companies have raised billions beyond the control of the Communist Party, beyond their capital exchange control, beyond their political control,” he said. “Those companies can use that money to buy politicians in China and Xi Jinping’s rivals,” he said. According to Garside, the collapse in the property sector led by Evergrande is another factor that could empower authorities to launch a coup.

According to the author, while Xi seems to have all the power, be aware that the CCP structure has several “power centers” in regional and local governments. “Xi Jinping doesn’t have all the power. He has very finely and efficiently centralized authority in his hands,” Garside said.