In the midst of the third wave of Kovid-19 in India, not only are the cases of infection increasing, but the death toll is also increasing. Apart from this, the number of districts in the grip of the rapid spread of infection is also increasing. In the last 24 hours in India, about 2.50 lakh new cases were reported and 380 people died. Out of these, the figures of 176 deaths have come from Kerala alone. This is because in Kerala the total figures are being corrected by checking the old data for the last several days.


That is, it is not the number of fresh deaths in Kerala but the old figures to come out. But even if Kerala is removed from the country’s figures, the latest death toll is worrying. There has been a big increase in the death toll in many states. Increase in many states According to the latest data in Delhi, 40 people died in 24 hours. A day before that 23 people had died and a day before that 17.

According to a report, due to this, the number of Kovid-infected people who died in Delhi in January so far has increased to 133. That is, in the last six months, more people died in the capital than in the last 12 days. This is surprising because so far the Omicron variant, which has brought a new wave of infection across the world including India, is believed to not make people seriously ill. In such a situation, no direct explanation has emerged for the increase in the death toll in India. Apart from Delhi, 32 people died in Maharashtra, 23 in West Bengal, 19 in Tamil Nadu, and 10 in Punjab in the last 24 hours. Till the last week of December, not a single death case was being reported in about 20 states. Now only 10 such states are left. However, health officials are still not seeing any pattern in these deaths. He says that most of the people who died had some serious disease.

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