ISIS Kashmir has threatened to kill for the third time, BJP MP and former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir. This threatening email has been sent to him on the night of 28 November. This time Delhi Police has also been mentioned in the mail. It has been said that even the police engaged in their security will not be able to do anything.


An e-mail was sent to Gambhir from Karachi in Pakistan on Sunday threatening to kill him and his family. The mail has come from the ID of ISIS Kashmir. This time it is also written in the mail that ‘Delhi Police and IPS Shweta Chauhan (DCP (Central District)) cannot do anything.’

Sources said that Gambhir received the email from [email protected] at around 1.37 am. Sources said, ‘In the email, he has mentioned that Delhi Police and IPS Shweta cannot do anything. We have spies inside Delhi Police who are giving us all the information about you.

In a letter to DCP Chauhan, ‘Gambhir’s PS Gaurav Arora said on November 24, ‘We have received an email from ISIS Kashmir tonight at 9.32 pm on the official email of MP (Gambhir) sir. The mail mentions threats to kill the MP and his family. I request you to kindly look into the matter and register an FIR. I also request you to make adequate arrangements for their safety.

Let us inform you that Gautam Gambhir has received two e-mails from ISIS Kashmir threatening to kill him twice in recent days. After this, the security of the BJP MP’s house was increased. The cyber cell is probing the e-mails sent to Gambhir earlier. It is being told that mails have been sent to them from Karachi, Pakistan.

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A video from outside Gambhir’s house was sent along with the second email. However, during the investigation, the police found that it was an old video shot outside his house. Nevertheless, an email was sent to Google to find out the IP address of the mail. The Cyber ​​Cell team of the Central District Police, after coordinating with the Special Cell, found that the email was sent by a person from Karachi.