In this way, every person should pay special attention to his food and drink to remain healthy. But when it comes to diabetics, they should not forget to include these things in their breakfast plate. Let us know what should and should not be eaten by diabetic patients for breakfast in order to control blood sugar along with maintain good health.


According to nutritionist and wellness expert Varun Katyal, diabetics should avoid including these things in their diet for breakfast like foods with sugar or simple carbs, used in tea or coffee. Foods such as white sugar, packaged juices, fruit smoothies, plain bread, sugary cereals, pastries, and pancakes, along with chocolate spreads and jams, packaged and processed foods, can increase a person’s sugar levels.

Diabetic patients

What diabetic patients should avoid- Diabetic patients should not drink tea or coffee for breakfast. Do not consume fresh or packaged juices at all. Do not eat bread made from flour. Stay away from sweet things like chocolates, pastries, processed foods, croissants, etc.

These things should be included in breakfast by diabetic patients- Barley- Diabetic patients should include barley in breakfast. Barley has twice the protein content and half the calories as oats. Apart from this, along with controlling appetite, barley also reduces the risk of heart-related diseases.

Low fat curd- Diabetic patients can include low-fat curd in their diet in the morning or afternoon. Consuming it does not increase the amount of insulin immediately. Many other nutritious elements are found in yogurt along with protein, calcium. Which can reduce the chances of getting type 2 diabetes to a great extent.

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Egg Bhurji – Instead of omelets, diabetic patients eat egg bhurji or boiled egg in their breakfast. Eggs contain protein, vitamin D, and fat, which maintain the energy level and make a person feel less hungry soon.

Fruits and almonds- Eating almonds in breakfast keep glycemic control in type-2 diabetes patients. Antioxidants and other essential nutrients in the body can help control diabetes by eating some seasonal fruits along with four to five almonds daily.