Place to take two doses of the same Vaccine Have Shown that’s Various Studies is Better Than Two Different Immune System of the Body Doses of Different Vaccines Additionally, the antibody is more developed beCause of this year, the European Medicines Agency on December 7 and the European Center for Disease Prevention And Control Has Clearly Stated That The Need to Mix and Match Vaccination to Avoid Corona Virus IT Kovid The Vector-Based Designed to Prevent 19 And MRNA Include Both Vaccines In Other Words, The Medical Agency of the Same Vaccine, Recommended Taking Two Separate Two Doses of Different Vaccines This Recommendation Then Went When Wayrolojist Matthew of Oxford University in England Snape Said Mix and the Match See Positive Results of Vaccination Snap The Lead Researcher Of This Study He explained these results speaking to Reuters News Agency After Mix and Match Approvals How to European Medicines Agency Earlier Vaccine All Adults in Germany In The January Month Went Imposed on Astrazeneca Vaccine Kovid -19. However, vaccination of the standing committee had an increased risk of blood clot formation in the brain of young women After Because it is recommended to be limited to people over 60 years Using Astrazeneca April Vaccine Being Special. However, there is a considerable number of people who took the first dose of AstraZeneca. They Went Given The Second Dose Bayontek-Pfizer Or Moderna Vaccine Today, adults of all ages in Germany may again AstraZeneca Vaccine provided Agree with the person who is Vaccine Vaccinated and Vet Before Him.

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Different Studies on the Sucess of the Initial Findings by Researchers at Oxford University in June This Year They are the first dose-oxford AstraZeneca and four weeks after the second dose more antibodies than those applying two doses of bayoneted-Pfizer engaged vaccine inclusion AstraZeneca. Com-siovi researchers at oxford as a test imposed by two different vacations to 830 Volunteer for more than 50 years old. IT According to the Results, Most Antibodies Were Developed in Those Who Took Two Doses Of Bayontek Then, they take the people who do a dose Astrazeneca and other Bayonet. Then there WHO Took two doses of AstraZeneca. Pediatrics Specialist and Associate Professor of Vaksinoloji and Told Matthew Snape BBC, Who Led the Research Com-Siovi Results have not underestimated The Importance of Two doses of Astrazeneca Fight Corona Virus Epidemic. HE SAID, “Both the Vaccine Also Reduces The Effect of the Delta variants are quite effective. When it is hospitalized after planting and cash The Same Vaccine, Whether It Be OF Astrazeneca OR BAYONTEK OF Other Scientists Studying These Results to The Results of Jarland University Published in The Journal Nature By The end of July. More than 200 people, 10 times Hospital Homburg University More Antibodies Jarland Had Participated in this trial. Some of them were put on two doses of as AstraZeneca and some of the bayontek-Pfizer

The Third Group Went to Put the Doose Of The First Strjeneeka and Bayontek-Pfizer Researchers of All Examined Two Weeks After the Second Dose of Vaccine Went to compare all of the antibodies Professor Martina Sester of Transplantation and Infection Immunology Jarland University Said, “We have Seen Not only the number of Antibodies That Fight Against The Corona Virus in People Who Attended The Trial, But Also Noted that There Were Effective Alleged Neutralizing Antibodies. This suggests that These antibodies were better than one or two doses of a dose, AstraZeneca in the Case of Developing How effective are “Antibodies to protect our bodies from the coronavirus infection, with two doses of Bayontek with AstraZeneca-bayoneted. Those Two Individuals Were Taken Doses of Different Vaccines, They of Grew 10 Times More Antibodies Those Taking Two Doses of Strajeneke. Sester Said Given Neutralizing Antibodies Were Two Two Two Different Vaccine Bayontek Those Conditions Doses “Slightly Better” HE SAID. However, health officials usually are required to take two doses of Say’s Vaccine Include Other Supplements Should You Seek The First Dose Antibodies ‘Significant’ Increase Was Tested Combivaks in Karlos-III Health Institute of Spain There is a total of 663 people The results of this test are always somewhat Similar. The Initial Report of the Trial Published in The Journal Nature However, it is reported the results of Jarland University is not yet final.

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