The Kerala High Court has given a big decision in a case regarding the relationship of husband and wife. The court has said that if the wife talks to a foreigner late at night despite the husband’s repeated refusal, then it will be classified as marital cruelty. The court granted divorce to the couple on this basis. Let us inform you that the husband had appeared in the High Court against the decision of the Family Court. The husband had cited cruelty and adultery for divorce in the petition.

The court said that the evidence given regarding the phone call was not sufficient to prove that the woman was committing adultery. The court said that the relations between the two parties have not been good and they have parted ways three times before. In such a situation, the wife should have been more careful about her relationship, although she did not do so.

The relationship between this couple has not been good even before. In the year 2012, the wife had accused the in-laws of atrocities.

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