Every Month, The Festival of Monthly Durgastam Dedicated to Mother Durga is Celebrated. Monthly Durgastam ISO Known As Mahabhatami Durga is considered to be the special significance of fast. It is believed that this day is the house, there is a gift of health and happiness and peace remains in the family.

On the day of Ashtami, mother Durga is worshiped and fast. After bathing in Ashtami, Hold Red Clothes After Bathing Give the Sun Goddess From The Copper Character Offer Red Flower on the Idol and Burn Sunlight Offer the Contents of Sixteen Shangar To Mother Make a lesson of Durga Saptashati in this fast. The Text of Durga Chalisa Should Also Be Done in This Fast. By doing this, there is happiness and prosperity in life. Show the Sunshine in the Whole House By Placing a Piece This fast is going to be a pleasant life. With the effect of this fast, Family Relationships are strengthened and the blessing of Better Health Is Obtained. It is believed that on this day, Mother Durga Had Protected The Gods by Slaughtering Mahishasur. Remember The Mother Durga from a True Heart in This Fast. Make a mother and get her blessings. Keep in mind that will not keep the statue or picture of Durga in the house. On the day of ahtam, Enjoy the mother Durga to light and boiled gram. Make Meals and Give them gifts.

The information given in this article is based on Religious Beliefs and Temporal Beliefs, Which Has Been Presented in Mere General Publicity.

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