Actress Radha Bhatt, who won the love of fans by becoming a ‘National Crush’ with the release of Zee5’s web series Sunflower, remains very active on social media. Radha often shares her photos and videos on social media, which fans like very much. But in the meantime, a post of Radha upset her fans. Radha Bhatt has taken a break from other social media platforms including Instagram and fans have become upset due to this post. However, in a special conversation with Hindustan, Radha has given the reason for this.


Radha’s post

Radha Bhatt shared the text note on Instagram. In this post, Radha wrote, ‘Dear fam, keeping distance from social media for some time. See you soon.’ Along with this, Radha wrote in the caption, ‘Hello friends… we thank you for your presence, whether it is like-commenting on the post or messages and my work. I like it all.’

Working on great projects

Radha further wrote, ‘I am grateful for the love you are giving and will continue to give. Taking a break from social media to take some rest and come back with full energy… and yes I am working on some great projects. See you soon.’ While fans are liking Radha’s post, on other hand they are worried and want to know the reason.

Why did you distance yourself from social media?

In a special conversation with Avinash Paul in Hindustan, Radha Bhatt said, ‘I am fine, everything is fine … fans should not be upset. I need a break in my busy life, due to this I have kept my distance from social media for some time. Because whatever time is available, it also goes on the phone and social media. I will be back on social media soon after the break.

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Radha wanted to become an actress since childhood

It is worth mentioning that during an interview with Hindustan, Radha had said, ‘I wanted to become an actress since, I remember that during my childhood, the lights used to go out at home in the evening and everyone used to go to the terrace. , But I used to act in front of the mirror by lighting a candle. I used to imagine that I am sitting in Karan Johar’s show and I am a celebrity. I also used to speak random dialogues of different celebs. I used to be very active in extra-curricular activities as well, but due to the death of my father, things turned around, responsibilities came. I always had a craze for acting and used to do something for it. Then one day I thought that enough is enough and now the time has come to fulfill my dream.