A female doctor committed suicide by hanging herself in the Lalsot town of Dausa district of Rajasthan on Tuesday. A case of negligence in treatment was registered against the doctor on Monday following the death of a pregnant woman at his private hospital. Police said on Tuesday that 42-year-old doctor Archana Sharma probably took the step out of “panic” after the case was registered.

On the other hand, the state has come out in protest after the suicide of Dr. Archana. Doctors have announced strikes in all private hospitals in Jaipur. The Rajasthan Medical College Teachers Association and the Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors have also demanded action against the “convicts who allegedly abetted the suicide”. Dausa Superintendent of Police Anil Beniwal said that Archana wrote in her suicide note that the pregnant woman died during the normal process. He told that the woman has requested the doctor not to harass innocent doctors in her suicide note.

Police had registered an FIR against the doctor

Let us tell you that a pregnant woman died on Tuesday at Dr. Archana Sharma’s private hospital in Lalsot town of Dausa. The relatives had demonstrated in front of the hospital, accusing the doctor of negligence. The matter calmed down after the police registered a case against the doctor at the Lalsot police station.

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