For a long time, Harish Rawat, who has been trying to stop the rar of Punjab Congress, has now opened a front against the party in Uttarakhand itself. Just before the election, Harish Rawat has attacked the party leadership and other leaders and said that on whose orders I have to swim, their representatives have tied my hands and feet. Harish Rawat has vented his anger by tweeting one after the other. Harish Rawat has written, ‘It is not strange, the sea of ​​choice has to be floated. Organizational structure for cooperation, instead of extending the hand of cooperation in most places, is either turning away or playing a negative role.


Not only this, in another tweet, Rawat wrote, ‘Power has left many crocodiles there. The representatives of those on whose orders I have to swim are tying my hands and feet. Many times a thought is coming to my mind that Harish_Rawat has done enough, swam a lot, now it is time for rest. Harish Rawat wrote, ‘Secretly a voice is rising from one corner of the mind “Na dainyam na escapism”. I am in a state of great distress. May the new year show the way. I am sure Lord Kedarnath Ji will guide me in this situation.

In the comments made on Twitter by Harish Rawat, no leader has been mentioned, but in gestures, he has targeted the party leadership and state leaders. On whose orders I have to swim, their representatives have tied my hands and feet, saying that Harish Rawat has directly targeted the Gandhi family and their close ones. These comments of Rawat expose the fighting in the party. Apart from this, it can also weaken the position of the party in the state elections. In such a situation, the timing of this dispute can be heavy on Congress. So far no reaction of any leader has come to the fore on Harish Rawat’s remarks.

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