Moral policing should not be done if a young man or girl is marrying by changing the religion of his own free will or lives in live-in. Jabalpur High Court of Madhya Pradesh said this in one of its orders. Justice Nandita Dubey gave this decision while hearing the case of Gulzar Khan, a resident of Jabalpur.


Gulzar had told in his petition that he had married 19-year-old Aarti Sahu in Maharashtra. Later Aarti had also converted to the religion of her own free will. According to Gujlar, Aarti’s family members have forcibly taken her to Varanasi and locked her in the house. While delivering the verdict in the case, the court ordered the state government and police officers to hand over the girl to her husband.

Video conferencing of a girl

Aarti Sahu was produced before the court during the hearing on January 28 through video conferencing from the office of the Advocate General. During this, the public prosecutor objected to this marriage under the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act 2021. According to this law made in Madhya Pradesh, no one can be converted to religion by force only for marriage. In response to this, the court ruled that if two adults want to live in marriage or live in mutual consent, then no moral policing is required. Even if both the parties converted to religion without any pressure, it should not be done.

Constitution gives right to live at will

The High Court took cognizance of the fact that the girl had clearly stated in her statement that she had married the petitioner youth of her own free will. At the same time, he also expressed his intention to live with the young man. The court said that the girl is an adult and both the parties have also not raised any question on her age. At the same time, the court also said that the Constitution has given every citizen living in the country the right to live life according to his wish. In view of the situation, the objection raised by the public prosecutor on the marriage and the appeal to send the girl to Nari Niketan is dismissed by the court.

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