Amid the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, a historic private college in Mysore city on Friday canceled its dress code to allow Muslim students to attend classes wearing hijab. Let us tell you that this is the first college in the state to take such a decision. DK Srinivasa Murthy of DDPU, Mysore said, “Four students refused to attend classes without hijab and they were protesting. Some organizations supported them. I visited the college today and discussed with everyone.”


“Meanwhile, the college announced that it was revoking its dress code to allow students to attend classes,” he said.

At the same time, Home Minister Araga Gyanendra has already said that now there will be no softness towards the students and has directed to initiate action against those who violate the interim orders. In another incident, the principal of Indi College in Vijayapura district did not allow a Hindu student to enter the class for applying ‘vermilion’. He was stopped at the gate and asked to remove the sindoor. No religious symbol is allowed in the interim director of the High Court.

The family members of the Hindu student came to the school premises and questioned the school authorities and said that the original tradition cannot be questioned. After the intervention of the police, the student was allowed inside the classroom. Pramod Muthalik, the founder of Shri Ram Sena, has condemned the action, demanding suspension of the principal.

The Karnataka High Court had passed an interim order while hearing the hijab controversy. In this, the court has not allowed the students to wear hijab, saffron shawl, or any religious clothes inside the classrooms. Despite the order, action is being taken against the students seeking admission to the colleges. On Friday, the police registered an FIR against around 20 students of one. Tumakuru College is also accused of violating prohibitory orders.

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The FIR has been registered following a warning from Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra. He had said that no soft stand would be taken. The police were directed to take action against those violating the interim order.