On the Zoom Call, 900 Employees are Being Sent on Immediate Holiday Ceo of Indian Origin of Better Dot Comm-of Better Dot Com. This information has been received from a mail from the company’s board of directors. This is Report Has Given News Agency PTI Instead of Huge, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ryan Will See HIS WORK.

Better dot com is hitting a third-party firm to ‘lead and cultural assessment’, whose recommendations will be kept in mind to create a long-term permanent and positive culture in the company. The company says that we want to build a positive culture.

Huge Garg recently removed 900 employees from a job in a zoom call. Later, His Video Was Wireless on Social Media, and People Around The World Had Criticized The Vast Garg and Better Dot Com After this the company has decided to send huge on vacation

In that video Call of 3 Minutes, The Vast Had Fired 900 Employees, Which Was ABOUT 9 Percent of the Company’s Employees Vishal Had described the Cause of the Market impishness, Performance, and Productivity Behind This Firing. Due to criticism After this trim, the company’s top Three Employees Have submitted their resignations to the company.

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