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How will the elephant move in the UP elections and how much will the BJP shine, these 86 seats will decide

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In the election season of Uttar Pradesh, many warriors including PM Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath, and Amit Shah have descended from BJP. At the same time, Akhilesh Yadav has started the campaign of the main opposition party Samajwadi Party. Akhilesh has indicated his strong strategy with many decisions including an alliance with uncle Shivpal Yadav. But on the contrary, Mayawati, the first and only Dalit woman Chief Minister of the state, looks weak. Till now neither Mayawati has started campaigning nor has she been seen on the road in the last 5 years for any important issue. In such a situation, political experts also have doubts about how effective the electoral illusion of BSP will be.


BSP on reserved seats, BJP seems to be ahead of SP

The bad condition of the BSP, especially in the reserved seats, is a matter of concern. There are 86 reserved seats in the state, out of which 84 seats are reserved for Dalit communities, while 2 seats are reserved for tribal communities. Generally, the BSP has been considered a strong contender for these seats, but after the rise of the BJP, the math has changed. In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP won 70 of these 86 seats, while 5 other seats went to its allies Apna Dal and Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party. The BSP could get only two seats in Sidhauli and Lalganj. Perhaps this is the reason why Mayawati had also called a meeting in the past to chalk out a strategy for these seats. Even the SP had won 7 seats with SC reservation.

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BJP did wonders on reserve seats

The success of the BJP in the reserved seats can be gauged from the fact that in 2012 it got only 3 seats. Not only this, but it was also surprising that the BSP was not even the second number party on half the reserve seats. When BSP contested elections for the first time in 1989, it got 5 seats. In this way, the BSP had the worst performance in its electoral history. Apart from this, the SP also went through its worst performance since 1991. Then the SP could not get a single seat. It is clear from these equations of the last election that if the BSP’s performance in the reserve seats is the same as last time, then the situation will be worrying for it.

BSP got maximum of 62 reserved seats in 2007

The BSP did its best in 2007 by winning 62 reserved seats and also won power with a majority. This shows how much the contribution of reserved seats remains in the success of BSP. However, political experts say that the defeat in the reserve seats in 2017 does not mean that the BSP is no longer getting the votes of Dalits. Even though the BSP had got 19 seats last time, its vote share was more than 22 percent. But not winning only on reserve seats is a message as well as a challenge. In such a situation, this time it has to be seen what strategy the BSP adopts for these 86 seats.

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