Instead of going on the back foot, Congress has become aggressive on the matter of lapse in the security of PM Narendra Modi in Punjab. Punjab Congress State President Navjot Singh Sidhu, while talking to the media, made a direct attack on PM Modi. He said that you are not the only Prime Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party. You are everyone. Every child of this country knows the value of your life. Sidhu said, ‘You are insulting this state and its Punjabiyat by saying that your life was in danger here. Your party and the Sangh would not have hoisted as many tricolors in life. So many tricolors are draped over the dead bodies of the sons of our Punjab. Your life is in danger here, it is a farce.

‘Pretended security to avoid grittily’

Sidhu once again linked the matter to the lesser crowd at the rally. Sidhu said, ‘This I believe is an attempt to save the gritty cleanly. Till today it would not have happened that the Prime Minister of India addresses 500 people on 70,000 chairs. A former CM can be shameless that he was addressing empty chairs. The Punjab Congress leader said that there is also a question whether the matter of security of the Prime Minister was only with the police of Punjab. When there was no plan that he would go by the road, then how suddenly this plan changed. It is clear that he wanted to avoid this grimace. That’s why this excuse was made on his behalf. Let me make one more thing clear and it is very important that BJP is not doing this work for the first time.

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‘You had told the farmers like gods, ‘Mawali’

Attacking the BJP and PM Modi, Sidhu said, “Our farmer stood on the borders of Delhi for year-and-a-half to demand his rights. He neither got MSP guarantee nor anything. You named our farmers as terrorists and even Khalistanis. You have even told these deities to the farmers as mawali and agitator. I can agree that 60 percent of the farmers in Punjab can stand against you, but I cannot believe that there was violence in any of them. like this in Punjab, who would put your life in danger.

‘BJP wants to win in UP by spoiling the atmosphere of Punjab’

He said that saying that our lives are in danger, it is your attempt to soot on Punjab and Punjabiyat, which will not succeed. You have neither voted nor supported Punjab. That’s why they want to contest elections in other states by defaming Punjab and spoiling the atmosphere. You want to fight elections like this in UP and other states. Wherever the BJP creates such a masquerade, its politics becomes issueless.

Told Capt Amarinder Singh the parrot of Delhi

Sidhu said that you have kept two or three parrots, he keeps on memorizing it. The biggest parrot is our former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. You have kept many such parrots, who never talk about the issues of Punjab. Can someone give me an answer as to what does sitting 500 people on 70 thousand chairs represent? That too happens in the prime minister’s rally. Alka Lamba was also present during this. He said that if the PM of the country is feeling scared, then how can 135 crore people feel safe under his leadership.

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