US space agency NASA has launched its Dart mission. It was launched from SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket in California, USA. The purpose of this mission is to make a strong collision with the asteroid with its spacecraft. If NASA or ISRO or any other agency needs to remove an asteroid to prevent a catastrophic impact, then this technique will come in handy.

Let us tell you that for the first time, NASA is conducting such a test that can protect against the impact of a destructive asteroid in the future. NASA’s Bill Nelson has said in an interview that ‘Dart’ is a replay of Bruce Willis’s film ‘Armageddon’, although it was completely fictional. He adds that if everything goes according to plan with Dart, NASA will certainly have an ultramodern weapon in its planetary section.

How will this mission work?

After being launched into space, the spacecraft will make a nearly complete orbit around the Sun. The Dart impact will occur in late September or early October of 2022, when the binary asteroid will be at its closest point to Earth, some 6.8 million miles away. Four hours before impact, the Dart aircraft would autonomously propel itself straight towards Dimorphos for a collision at 15,000 mph. At the exact moment of the collision, an onboard camera will capture images in real-time up to 20 seconds before impact and send them back to Earth.

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