If you are a wine drinker, then you should try some more varieties of wine this coming year. Sopexa, the wine trade monitor, has studied the wine industry for the coming year and drawn some interesting results. According to this, Canadian orange wine and organic wine are going to be very popular in the new year. Apart from this, Sopexa has told many interesting wine trades regarding the year 2022.


This international study was conducted on 1,044 wine importers and professional distributors from eight countries around the world, including 45% of the stakeholders. French people like red wine the most. According to the study, rosé wine could top the wine trend in 2022. The wines of this flavor are equally loved in the United Kingdom. Coming to global trends, the Chinese will enjoy Asti Spumante (light and sweet Italian sparkling wine) on the one hand, while orange wines will remain popular among Canadians and Japanese.

This wine is made by processing white grapes, which are usually used to make red wine, where the top layer of the grape is not removed. The French have also started liking the sour taste of orange wine. Whereas in the West, British people like to drink Prosecco while Americans love their vinho Verde. At the same time, Indians love Cabernet Shiraz wine.

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