In the Uttar Pradesh elections, the commission has asked to do a digital campaign by January 15. But looking at the cases of the Omicron variant, it looks like the entire campaign could be digital. Meanwhile, all the political parties have intensified their preparations. Samajwadi Party has also prepared an aggressive strategy for a digital campaign. Along with this, bringing a big change, the party has decided to make WhatsApp the main weapon. SP strategists say that their focus will be on short videos, which can be downloaded easily and people’s data is also less expensive. On the other hand, door-to-door campaigning has also been started.


Akhilesh Yadav held a meeting with the party’s media panelists and workers on Saturday. During this, Akhilesh Yadav took his suggestions from the team. Even though the Election Commission is to be reviewed on January 15, but the Samajwadi Party is considering a plan to run the entire campaign through a digital medium. A senior leader said, “Our voter base consists of youth and the poor in large numbers. They cannot download large videos as it consumes more data. So it has been decided to make short videos up to 100 MB.

Leaders’ allegation: Administration is playing with internet in SP’s stronghold areas

Not only this, some leaders have expressed concern that the administration is weakening the internet speed and connectivity in the SP stronghold areas so that the campaign can be affected. Apart from Facebook and YouTube, Samajwadi Party is also working strongly on WhatsApp. The digital wing of the party has created several WhatsApp groups and content is being delivered to lakhs of people through them. In every assembly, 8 to 10 WhatsApp groups have been prepared by the SP. 256 people have been added to each of these groups.

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Plans for people who do not have access to the Internet

Apart from this, the party has also prepared a plan to reach such people, who are away from mobile, etc. In such a situation, to reach them, it has been decided to install LED screens at intersections. Although it will be a bit costly method. A Samajwadi Party leader said that even if we put screens at the block level, 25,000 would be needed across the state. We will make a decision on this soon. BJP started this formula from the Bihar elections. Then the party had got thousands of LEDs installed at various places.