Everyone is troubled by the inflation in the country. It is increasing continuously. The latest figures have given another big blow to the common man. In October, the wholesale price index has increased to 12.54 percent.

Whereas in September this rate was 10.66%. That is, the wholesale rate of inflation has increased by two percent. According to government data, inflation has reached a 5-month high.

Because of this, the inflation rate increased

Inflation In India

Inflation in the country has broken the back of the common man. Everything from petrol and diesel to food and drink is becoming increasingly expensive. At the same time, due to the rise in fuel and electricity prices, the rate of wholesale inflation has increased by more than two percent in the month of October.

Along with this, the rise in prices of manufactured products is also being attributed to this impact of inflation.

Inflation soared in October

According to the data released by the government, WPI has increased from 10.6 percent to 12.54 percent in October as compared to September.

At the same time, the wholesale inflation rate of food items has increased from 1.14 percent to 3.06 percent during this period.

The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) of vegetables has increased from -32.45 percent to -18.49 percent.

WPI of manufacturing products has increased from 11.41 percent to 12.04 percent.

During this period, there has been the biggest increase in the wholesale inflation of fuel and power. It has increased from 24.81 percent to 37.18 percent.

When will inflation come down?

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According to experts, rising fuel and power prices have increased inflation in the country. Meanwhile, taking a big decision, the government has cut its prices by reducing the tax on petrol and diesel. This is the reason that in the month of November, there may be a decrease in inflation rates.