Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee had visited Sonia Gandhi at her home in Delhi in late July this year and said that it was a positive meeting for the unity of the opposition. Rahul Gandhi was also present in this meeting and was considered important for this opposition unity. Since then only 4 months have passed, but on Wednesday, Mamta was seen ending with Didi’s Congress. Not only this, on the question of not meeting Sonia, he asked whether it is written in the Constitution that she should meet. It is clear that Mamta Banerjee, who is breaking Congress leaders across the country, no longer has the same relationship with them or does not want to keep them.


According to political experts, TMC leader Mamata Banerjee believes that she has proved herself in Bengal by winning for the third time in a row and defeating the BJP in a straight contest. In such a situation, she wants to capitalize on this achievement across the country and emerge as a national leader. At a time when Congress has been defeated by BJP in most places in the direct contest, TMC wants to present itself as better than Congress. This is the reason why she is focusing on those states where the Congress organization is very weak or is a victim of factionalism.

Under this strategy, Mamta Banerjee has included Kirti Azad in the party from Bihar, where the Congress is very weak and is preparing to breathe life by including leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar. Apart from this, he has also given place to Ashok Tanwar, who left the party due to factionalism in Haryana. In states like Meghalaya, Goa, Tripura, and Assam, TMC is in the process of becoming the main opposition party. Mamta Banerjee also seems to be getting help in this in those areas where the number of Bengali-speaking people is more. States like Assam and Tripura are included in this. Apart from this, TMC is also expected to gain in areas like Kishanganj, Araria of Bihar, which is adjacent to Bengal. These areas have always been influenced by the politics of Bengal and are Muslim-dominated areas.

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Strategy to increase your figure by calling Rahul Gandhi weak

Mamta Banerjee is seeing the situation of leadership in the Congress and Rahul Gandhi not getting much success as an opportunity for herself. Since defeating the BJP in Bengal, she has been working on a strategy to become the face of alternative politics across the country. This is the reason that in Goa, where Congress did not have leadership and was facing factionalism, it broke the former CM Luizinho Faleiro. Apart from this, Sushmita Dev from Northeast, Ashok Tanwar from Haryana, Kirti Azad from Bihar have been given entry.