Kangana Ranaut is facing criticism for her statement. He called the freedom given to the country as ‘beggar’ and said that real freedom has been achieved after 2014. On Saturday, she also did a post and said that if someone proves her wrong, she will return her Padma Shri. Now Kangana has again written a long and wide post. Quoting an article, he said that if you understand it, then what he said can be understood.


Long post written

Kangana said that in 2015 an article was published in the BBC whose arguments could find her answer. He wrote that ‘the builders of our nation have committed innumerable crimes in India, looting our country’s wealth, brutally killing our freedom fighters, dividing the country into two parts and holding the British responsible for the crimes committed at the time of independence. Did not hold.’

Kangana Ranaut

Now Kangana is clarifying

After the Second World War, the British left India at their convenience. Winston Churchill was honored as a war hero. It was the same person who was responsible for starvation in Bengal. Was there a case against him in the courts of independent India for his crimes? No. Cyril Radcliffe, an Englishman who had never been to India was brought to India only five weeks ago to do partition.

Congress and the British were held responsible

The members of the Congress and the Muslim League were on the committee which had decided the terms of partition by the British. 10 lakh people died during partition, did those who died got freedom? Wasn’t the British or the Congress responsible for the massacre that drew the lines of Partition? No.’

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These things written for freedom fighters

Kangana Ranaut further mentions a letter which was sent to the British Government. She writes that ‘little fighters who laid down their lives for the freedom of India knew that the British and our nation builders would divide the undivided India into two parts, resulting in the massacre of one million people.’

In the end, she said that ‘I want to end my talk by saying that even if we do not hold the British responsible for innumerable crimes in India, we are insulting our freedom fighters.’