In 1984, American war photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of Sharbat Gulla, an Afghan refugee girl. The photo was featured on the cover of National Geographic and went viral. This picture had become a symbol of the Afghan war going on for years. Now the Italian government has informed about the sherbet that the famous Afghan girl with green eyes has reached Italy after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan.

The Italian government has said that after the Taliban occupation of Kabul in August 2021, Sharbat asked for help to leave Afghanistan, after which the government helped. The government said that we were already evacuating the Afghan people safely. Sharbat was also a part of this episode, we will try to make the life of sherbet easy.

When Pakistan had arrested

According to reports, McCurry met Sherbet again in 2002. This was confirmed by an FBI analyst. In 2016, Sharbat was trying to stay in Pakistan. But he was arrested for making a fake Pakistani National Identity Card.

After this, the then Afghan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed Sharbat to Afghanistan and promised him an apartment. He had said that Sharbat can live in Afghanistan with dignity and safety. But once again in August 2021, Afghanistan was occupied by the Taliban, in which women have been denied rights. In such a situation, the syrup turned to Italy.

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