Kangana Ranaut does not miss targeting Bollywood celebrities. Recently, he had raised questions on the way of promotion of ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’. A few days are left for ‘Gangubai’ to release. Meanwhile, Kangana shared the post on Instagram Stories and called the casting of the film the biggest mistake. Kangana did not take anyone’s name but reading her story is not so difficult for anyone to understand. He described Alia as ‘papa ki angel’ and Mahesh Bhatt as ‘movie mafia’. This mess of Kangana with Mahesh Bhatt is not new.


wrong casting

Kangana writes, ‘These Friday 200 crores are going to be burnt to ashes. For a papa’s (movie mafia daddy) angel (who likes to hold a British passport), because papa believes romcom bimbo can act. The biggest omission of the film is the wrong casting. It won’t improve. (These people don’t even want to change) No wonder films from the South and Hollywood are going to the screens. The luck of Bollywood will be bad as long as the film mafia has the power.

‘Hero and director victim of deception’

‘Bollywood mafia daddy papa, who has single-handedly ruined the way we work in the film industry, emotionally seduced many big directors and forced them to work on projects that were mediocre. Another example will emerge soon after its release. People don’t need to entertain them. A big hero and even the biggest director is the new victim of his mischief on this Friday’s release.

first got angry on aliya

Earlier, when a video of a girl in which she is acting like Gangubai went viral, Kangana said that it is not right to sexualize children of this age. Hundreds of other kids will do the same. Kangana has already told Alia to be a part of the nepotism gang. She calls him Karan Johar’s puppet.

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