Tips To Organize Glass Cups: Women of the house often serve drinks in glass cups or glasses to welcome the guests who come home. But if the expensive glass crockery is not maintained properly, then it starts breaking quickly. In such a situation, by adopting some kitchen tips and tricks, you can save them from spoilage quickly. know-how.


Tips to prevent breakage of glass glasses and cups-

Use of wooden basket

After washing the glass glasses and cups, the women put them near the basin to drain their water. But by doing so, the utensils can break by colliding with each other. To prevent the utensils from colliding and breaking, you leave them in wooden baskets for a while. After the water has drained from the utensils, keep them in the cabinet.

Store in kitchen drawers

Before placing cups and glasses in the kitchen drawers, spread some blotting paper there, so that they will not move while opening the drawers. At the same time, keep glasses and cups in separate drawers.

Adjust in cup hook-

You can also use hooks in addition to kitchen drawers to prevent the cup from breaking. You can get cupboard hangers installed in the same way as the utensils stand is installed in the kitchen.

Use of wooden kitchen cupboard-

You can also use a wooden cupboard to keep glass utensils safe. Cups and glass glasses are used occasionally and break quickly with daily use. You can use wooden kitchen cupboards to organize them.

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