Tips to use freeze cylinder gas: In the winter season, women of the house often complain that due to the accumulation of gas in the cylinder, it ends quickly. Because of which his budget for the month starts getting worse. If something similar happens to you, then by adopting these great kitchen tips and hacks, you can solve this problem. Let’s know-how.


Follow these measures when gas freezes in the cylinder-

Hot water-

When the gas in the cylinder freezes, you first use three to four liters of water by inverting it in a big vessel and keeping the cylinder in that water. By doing this the frozen gas comes in its original form.

Use cylinder wheel

Sometimes the gas in the cylinder freezes due to the cold of the ground. In such a situation, you can use the cylinder wheel which is also known as a cylinder trolley. By using the cylinder wheel, there are no stains of the cylinder on the floor.


You can use jute sacks instead of plastic sacks to avoid freezing cylinder gas. For this, spread one to two jute sacks well under the cylinder. Let us tell you, jute helps in keeping the cylinder warm. If you want, you can also keep the cylinder wrapped in one to two sacks.

keep in the sun

If the gas in the cylinder freezes again and again in winter, then to overcome this problem, keep the cylinder in the sun for some time. By doing this the frozen gas comes in normal form.

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