Former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, convicted in the biggest illegal withdrawal of Rs 139.35 crore related to the fodder scam, has been sent to Hotwar jail. He will be sentenced on February 21. Lalu Yadav was taken into custody soon after he was convicted by a special CBI court.


According to the information received, instead of sending them directly to RIMS, the court has directed to send Lalu Yadav to Hotwar jail. A team of doctors is examining Lalu’s health in Hotwar Jail. After the doctor’s report, they can be sent to RIMS. Maybe Lalu will have to spend tonight in Hotwar jail.

Lalu Yadav’s lawyer had appealed to the court regarding Lalu Yadav’s age and ill health. Advocate Prabhat Kuman had filed an application in the court saying that Lalu Prasad Yadav’s health is not well, so the jail authority should be directed to shift him to RIMS.

Defense counsel Sanjay Kumar told that the CBI court has sentenced 36 people to three years imprisonment in the Doranda treasury withdrawal case. The verdict on the punishment of 37 people including Lalu will come on February 21. The court has acquired 24 people in this case.

Supporters said – food will not be prepared in our house today, camped in Ranchi

Saddened by the conviction and sentencing of Lalu Yadav, the activists also expressed their grief during his visit to the jail. Many workers were crying. Some of them said that Lalu Yadav belonged to his family. Everyone is deeply saddened by his conviction today. Food will not be cooked in the house of supporters today. Many supporters said that he would remain in Ranchi till February 21.

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Preparation had started in Hotwar jail along with RIMS

In view of the possibility of Lalu Yadav being sent to RIMS or jail according to the rules, according to the application of his advocate, preparations were started at both places. Security was tightened around Hotwar Jail. Lalu Yadav has also been the Chief Minister of United Bihar (when the separate Jharkhand state was not formed). Therefore, there is a possibility of a large number of supporters gathering on information about his stay in jail in Jharkhand. By the way, from the State Guest House to the CBI court in Ranchi, a crowd of activists and leaders had gathered since morning to know about the decision to be taken in the CBI court today and to meet Lalu. Many leaders and activists started crying as soon as Lalu was convicted. Keeping in view the sentiments of the supporters, the Ranchi district administration, Hotwire jail administration, and RIMS administration are on alert. Under this vigilance, preparations were made in jail and rims in a hurry.

Room No. A-11 Ready

Room number A-11 of RIMS Paying Ward was prepared for Lalu in a hurry. Earlier also Lalu lived in room number A-11. Later, he was kept in the RIMS director’s bungalow as the corona infection increased. However, after his case went to the High Court, he was sent back to the paying ward, from where he was sent to Delhi for treatment after his health deteriorated. Now the same room number A-11 has been cleaned once again. Fridge, TV, AC, geyser, and other electronic equipment installed there were also tested.

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Medical Board constituted for the treatment of Lalu Yadav

The Medical Superintendent in charge of RIMS said that Lalu Yadav is suffering from many serious diseases. He said that if Lalu comes to RIMS, a medical board will be formed for his treatment. There will be specialist doctors from many departments on the board.

Lalu Yadav is suffering from these diseases

According to Jankari, Lalu Yadav has diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, kidney stone, stress, thalassemia, prostate enlargement, uric acid increase, brain-related disease, weak immunity, problem in right shoulder bone, leg. The bone problem, eye problem. His kidney is in the last stage.