A media report has claimed that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad may have been behind the 1981 bombings in Germany and Switzerland targeting companies and individuals allegedly linked to Pakistan’s then-secret nuclear program. , The Swiss German-language newspaper Neue Jürcher Zeitung reported that unidentified criminals carried out bomb attacks on companies and individuals between February and November 1981. All three attacks caused only property damage while there was no human damage.


Reports published on Saturday said the Mossad may have been behind the 1981 bombings in Germany and Switzerland targeting companies and individuals allegedly linked to Pakistan’s then-secret nuclear program. In addition to the attacks, several phone calls were made to executives of companies, in which the threatening spoke in English or German, also threatening other companies that were accused of providing technology or equipment for Pakistan’s nuclear program. There was doubt. The report said that sometimes the caller even talked about taping the threats. It is suspected that Mossad may be behind these attacks. The report said the prospect of Pakistan becoming an Islamic country with the first nuclear bomb threatening Israel’s existence.

Swiss historian Adrian Haney was quoted by the daily as saying that the Mossad was involved in bomb attacks on German and Swiss companies. Although there was no evidence linking the Mossad to the bombings, the attacks had “a Secret Service signature”. Haney said the bombings in Germany and Switzerland were also a series of bombings that Mossad carried out over the past two years in connection with the Iraqi nuclear program in Western Europe.

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The report said the Organization for the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia, a hitherto unheard-of group, claimed responsibility for the blasts in Germany and Switzerland. Never heard of this organization again.

what happened

The first explosion occurred on February 20, 1981, at the residence of a top employee of the Swiss company Kora Engineering in Chur. The second attack took place on 18 May 1981 at a factory of the Wallischmiller company in Markdorf, Germany. While the third explosion occurred on 6 November 1981 at the office of engineer Heinz Maybus in Erlangen, Germany, only Mabus’s dog was killed in this attack.

According to the book “Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb” by retired Pakistani Army officer Brigadier Firoz Hasan Khan, KORA built a customized plant for Pakistan which was completed in 1978 and three chartered C-s especially from Switzerland. It was brought by 130 aircraft.

America did not take action intentionally

As the New Jurcher Zeitung reported, the US administration learned of European firms supplying information and equipment to the mine’s nuclear proliferation network, yet President Jimmy Carter decided not to intervene directly because the US side relied on Pakistan to oppose the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The US State Department took up the matter with the German and Swiss governments, but local officials were accused of turning a blind eye,

Recently secret US documents have revealed that nearly half a dozen companies in Germany and Switzerland were accused of supporting Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. The report said that the three bomb attacks in 1981 were carried out in Germany and Switzerland just months after the failed US State Department intervention. After the bombings, other companies associated with Pakistan’s nuclear program received threatening calls from unknown persons.

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According to the New Jurcher Zeitung report, Siegfried Schirtler, the then owner of another firm named Vakum-Appert-Technik (VAT), and their chief salesman Friedrich Tiner received several threatening calls. Schiller reported to the Swiss Federal Police that Israel The Secret Service had contacted him. The report said that several companies, mainly from Germany and Switzerland, made millions of dollars from their deals with Pakistani networks. These firms included Lebold-Harris, Wallischmiller, Cora Engineering, Vat, and Buchs Metal Works.