The war between Russia-Ukraine continues. Several Russian news websites were hacked on Monday. A message appeared on the main page of these websites, condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, Russia, unhappy with the news being shown about the war, has also banned some media forums.


Such interference in the media is a sign of the growing anti-war sentiment among the Russian general public. However, who is behind the hacking of the website, it is not yet known.

Sanctions imposed on much Russian media

Russia’s Ministry of Communications and the media watchdog group Roskomnadzor have banned several Russian and Ukrainian media organizations in view of the news being shown about the war. The New Times, a Russian magazine that has publicly criticized the Kremlin, was barred from providing details about Russian military casualties in Ukraine, which the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet disclosed.

Protests against the invasion have been taking place in Russia for the past four days, while nearly one million people have signed an online petition calling for an end to the war. Many people involved in these demonstrations in Russia have been detained.

Social media also banned

Authorities have imposed restrictions on the social media platform and threatened to shut down the independent news site. Independent news site Meduza shared messages appearing on the main pages of some of the hacked websites. The message read, “Dear citizens, we request you to stop this madness and do not send your sons and husband to die. In a few years, we will be like North Korea. What do we benefit from this? Will Putin’s name be recorded in history? This war is not for us, stop it.

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