A study has claimed that the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, has the ability to infect 70 times faster. It has also been said in the same study that the Omicron variant will not become a more serious disease. According to the study, Omicron can infect more effectively than the actual strain of Delta and Kovid-19.


Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have found that Omicron can infect the human bronchus up to 70 times faster than the delta variant and its true SARS-CoV-2 form. This has come to know why it is being transmitted faster than other variants found in the past of Corona. Explain that through the human bronchi, the air goes to the lower parts of the body, and when it reaches the lungs.

The study also found that Omicron infection infects the lungs less than the actual form of the corona. Because of which it is estimated that the severity of the disease will be less. Ex-Vivo Cultures of the respiratory tract were used for this study.

Hong Kong University assistant professor Michael Chan Chi-Wai and his team successfully isolated the Omicron virus and compared it to the real form of the delta and corona, and found that it was capable of spreading rapidly. The professor also said that the severity of the disease in humans does not only depend on the virus, but it also depends on the human immune system.

It was also told that a virus spreading very rapidly can also kill many people even if the virus itself is less pathogenic.

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