The Omicron variant of Corona is being seen as a major threat. The World Health Organization has also described it as a variant of high risk. Preliminary data suggest it may be more contagious and the vaccine may have less effect on this variant. In such a situation, countries around the world are trying to deal with this variant of the coronavirus.


The World Health Organization has said that one good thing about this variant is that it can be detected through the RT-PCR test being used in the world. However, talking to the Indian Express, scientists have told that it is not easy. Most RT-PCR tests in India are not able to differentiate between Omicron and other variants.

RT-PCR test can confirm whether someone is infected with the coronavirus or not. But these tests are not designed in such a way that it can be known which variant of corona someone is infected with. To find this out, a genome sequencing study has to be done. Not all infected samples are sent for genome sequencing, as it is a slow, complicated and costly process. Usually only a small subset of all positive samples – about 2 to 5 percent – ​​are sent for gene analysis.

Scientist Vinod Scaria of the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology has told that the detection of the variant by the kit depends on the type of chemicals given in the kit. However, there are very few such kits in India that can tell about the variants. In such a situation, one cannot say that the variant of Kovid will be known from this special kit being used. Experts believe that since genome sequencing is not possible for every test, there is a need to work on a smart strategy.

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