Corona continues to wreak havoc in India and its new variant Omicron has now reached the community transmission stage. Its impact is increasing in many metropolitan cities. INSACOG has given this information in its latest bulletin. Most of the Omicron cases reported so far have been asymptomatic or mild. The cases of hospitalization and ICU have increased in the current wave and there is no change in the danger level.

Actually, the news agency, citing the study of INSACOG, an organization of the Ministry of Health, said that community transmission has become effective in many metros and new cases of infection are increasing rapidly in many cities. Also, it has now been reported that Omicron’s infectious sub-variant BA2 has also been found in the country. The report said that there has been community spread in cities like Delhi and Mumbai and there is a possibility of increasing cases here.

It was also told that now instead of those infected from outside, cases of internal infection will come to the fore. Along with this, it was also said that in order to avoid community spread of Omicron variants, in addition to covid behavior, masks, sanitization, vaccination is the main weapon and its adherence is necessary.

Let us tell you that this is the first study of its kind in India, which has been done on community transmission from Omicron. In this, the data of genome sequencing of infected people has been studied, which includes five districts of Delhi, South Delhi, Southeast Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi. These figures are from November 25 to December 23.

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Omicron cases are increasing very rapidly around the world. Different symptoms have been seen in 13 percent of the infected people, these people have seen a decrease in the ability to smell, taste. While throat problem is a common symptom in 80 percent of people. Amidst all this, health experts have asked people to get vaccinated and follow the corona guidelines completely. They have also said that even if you have recovered from Omicron, you can still get infected with it.