The US and the United Nations have condemned the Myanmar military over reports of 11 people being burnt alive in Myanmar. The army mined these reports but local people have confirmed the incident. Myanmar’s local media and the general public reported that a day after the attack on the army convoy, the army killed 11 people living in Dontaw village in Sagang province. tied up and burnt alive. Children are also among those killed. The army has denied these claims. The Global Light of Myanmar newspaper, backed by the military government, called the reports “fake news” and “evidence of a conspiracy by local and international relations”, but locals told journalists that they had “blazing hands” after the soldiers left. corpses”.


In a video posted on social media too, many burnt bodies are seen lying on the ground. In the video, a voice says, “It hurts all of us… these human corpses are not even visible.” The Democratic Voice of Burma newspaper also claimed that the army had captured villagers who did not flee. Get it Fighting has been regular in the province between the military and members of the civilian-military group People’s Defense Force.

Local media reported that the army’s attack was in response to an attack on an army unit a day earlier by members of the same group. ‘Quiet Strike’ In protest against these killings, people organized a “quiet strike”, in which people vacated public places in cities and towns and locked themselves in homes. This demonstration was organized on the day of International Human Rights Day. Markets and shops remained closed in the country’s largest city, Yangon. There was no traffic on the usually packed roads. Similar scenes were witnessed in the second largest city of Mandalay.

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Such demonstrations are taking place continuously in the cities but in the rural areas, there is a very serious fight. There the army has put more strength. Fighting has intensified in recent months in Sagaing and other areas of the North West. The country has been in constant turmoil since the February coup. According to a local group, more than 1,300 people have died at the hands of security forces and the economy is in bad shape. CK/AA (AP, AFP).