The last day of the winter session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly ended with controversy. MLAs of Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi Party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) created a ruckus in the Assembly on Friday. The party MLA refused to sing Vande Mataram during the closing of the session. Not only this, he accused the Speaker of the Assembly of imposing the national anthem and the national anthem.

Uproar in the house over the national anthem

There was a ruckus over the singing of the national anthem on the last day of the winter session of the Vidhan Sabha. Owaisi MLAs refused to sing the national anthem inside the house. AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman raised questions regarding singing Vande Mataram. He argued that nowhere in the constitution it is written that it is necessary to sing the national anthem. In fact, this time during the winter session, Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha started the tradition of singing the national anthem (Jana-Gana-mana) on the first day of the session and Vande Mataram on the last day.

The national song is optional

Akhtar Iman said, ‘Whoever wants to sing the national song, sing it. But my question is whether singing the national song is mandatory in the constitution? Singing the national anthem is optional, it is not necessary for us to sing the national anthem. On this, the BJP MLA attacked him fiercely. BJP MLA Sanjay Singh said that those who have objections to singing the national anthem in the house do not love the country. Such people should leave the country. Let us inform you that earlier AIMIM President Owaisi himself has raised questions regarding the national anthem and singing Vande Mataram.

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