Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a rally in Punjab for the first time after a security lapse. Addressing a rally in Jalandhar, PM Modi attacked the Charanjit Singh government of Punjab fiercely. Expressing his desire, PM Modi said that he wanted to worship at Tripuramalini Devi Shaktipeeth after the program but the administration and police said that they would not be able to make arrangements. PM Modi further said that this is the position of the government here. But soon I will definitely worship in Shaktipeeth.


PM Modi said that Punjab needs a government that works seriously for the security of the country. The history of Congress is witness that it can never work for Punjab and whatever work it wants to do, it puts thousands of obstacles in front of it.

PM Modi said that today is the third anniversary of the terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama and our brave martyrs. I bow my head reverently at the feet of the brave martyrs of Mother India from the soil of Punjab. He further said that the NDA coalition government will be formed in Punjab, now it is certain. A new chapter of development will begin in Punjab. I have come to assure each and every person of Punjab, my youth that we will not leave any stone unturned in our efforts for your bright future.

PM Modi said that the way business in Punjab has been given to the mafia, this game will not be allowed to run in the BJP government. Under the BJP government, the businessman here will do his business without any tyranny, without any fear.

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The PM said that we strengthen the borders of the country but their leaders call the forces goons and question their martyrdom. We formed SIT to probe the 1984 Sikh riots and helped the victims. But Congress always sprinkled salt on your wounds by giving big posts to the accused of riots. Those who do not have the account of work, some such people have also come to play the game of lies in Punjab. Coming to Punjab, they talk about making Punjab drug-free and these people themselves are experts in opening liquor contracts in the street, locality. Punjab will have to be careful with these too.