Popular writer Taslima Nasreen has started a new debate by tweeting about women becoming mothers through surrogacy. This reaction of Taslima has come after Priyanka Chopra’s recent announcement of becoming a mother through surrogacy. While a section on social media is supporting Taslima, many fans of Priyanka Chopra have trolled Taslima Nasreen on the contrary for this. Let us understand what is this whole matter.


How did this whole debate start?

Priyanka Chopra recently announced to become a mother through surrogacy through an Instagram post. After this, he started getting good wishes on social media, and on the other hand, many people started reacting against it. A fierce debate broke out between Priyanka’s fans and her opponents on social media and in the meantime, Taslima also made many tweets against surrogacy.

Taslima created a ruckus on the tweet

Taslima Nasreen wrote on Twitter, ‘How do women who become mothers through surrogacy feel when they get their ready-made babies? Do they have the same feeling for those children as a mother feels after giving birth to her child?’ Taslima wrote, ‘Surrogacy is possible because of the poor women in the world.’

Taslima wrote this about surrogacy mom

He wrote, ‘The rich people always want the existence of poverty in the society for their selfish reasons. If you really have such a strong desire to have a child, then adopt a homeless child. You should have parental qualities in children – it is just your ego and nothing else. Taslima wrote, ‘I will not accept surrogacy until rich women become surrogate moms.’

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After trolling, now this thing is written in cleanliness

Although Taslima did not write Priyanka Chopra’s name anywhere, after these tweets, the fans of the actress started trolling her vigorously. After Taslima’s statement, many tweets started coming one after the other, and then Taslima wrote, ‘My tweets regarding surrogacy are my views and opinion about it. It has nothing to do with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. I love that couple very much.