The internal discord within the Congress party in Punjab is not taking its name to end. While Navjot Singh Sidhu is not visible in the election campaign after the announcement of CM face, in the meantime Navjot Singh Sidhu said that where is the internal discord in Congress? He said that Rahul Gandhi Ji has given the decision and we all have welcomed it. No one has any problem with the decision of the high command.


Meanwhile, on the one hand, Sidhu’s attitude was also seen changing since the current Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi was made the CM face, but now his wife Navjot Kaur’s tone is also changing. According to a report published in ABVP, Navjot Kaur Sidhu said that Sidhu will go wherever he is asked to a campaign. However, he further said that he will campaign only on his seat.

“Sidhu says something and CM says something, there will be controversy”

According to the reports, Navjot Kaur says that after the announcement of CM’s face, now the CM should say something and Sidhu something, then there will be a dispute. He further said that CM Face should campaign on his agenda.

It is worth mentioning that both Charanjit Singh Channi and Navjot Singh Sidhu were in the race of candidates for the Punjab elections. But in Ludhiana, Rahul Gandhi stamped Channi’s name saying that Channi is the first choice of workers and MLAs. Channi and Sidhu hugged each other after the announcement of CM’s face, but since then Sidhu has been missing from election programs. In such a situation, the question arises why is Sidhu’s displeasure not ending?

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At the same time, according to media reports, Navjot Kaur expressed hope that the Congress government will be formed and Channi Sidhu’s model will be implemented, Navjot Kaur said that it does not matter who is sitting on the chair.

Sidhu’s daughter’s election campaign

On the other hand, his daughter Rabia has gone out in the election campaign for father Sidhu. He expressed displeasure over Channi being declared as the CM face and expressed anger over Channi being called poor. Rabia went so far as to say that she would not marry until her father was victorious.

Please tell that Navjot Singh Sidhu’s daughter had gone out to campaign for her father in the Amritsar East seat. During this, she talked to the media and told that she has gone out to campaign after taking a vow for her father.

Fierce in Amritsar East seat

It is worth noting that the Amritsar East seat has become very interesting in Punjab elections. Bikram Singh Majithia accepted Sidhu’s challenge and filed his nomination from this seat. It is also being said that Majithia is also being supported internally by other parties so that Sidhu can be defeated.