Haryana MLA Asim Goel on Saturday hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his “Hindu versus Hindutva-vadi” remarks and said Congress MPs themselves do not know whether they are Hindu, Muslim, or Christian. Aseem Goel is a BJP MLA from Ambala City Assembly seat since 2014.


Goyal said that Rahul Gandhi himself does not know whether he is a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Christian. There should be research on this topic. They should not worry about the country but about the history and geography of themselves and their families. Goel’s remarks came after the Wayanad MP on Thursday made a comparison between Hinduism and Hindutva, saying that Hindus follow the path of truth, while Hindutva robs under the guise of religion.

Rahul Gandhi said on Twitter, “Hindus follow the path of truth. Hindutva loots under the guise of religion.”

On December 19, Rahul Gandhi had also said that Hindus believe that every person’s DNA is unique and different, while Hindutvaists believe that all Indians have the same DNA.

He had tweeted, “Hindus believe that every person’s DNA is different and unique. Hindutvawadis believe that all Indians have the same DNA.”

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