Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent “China-Pakistan” remarks and said the opposition leaders believe in Beijing’s agenda of condemning the government. Rajnath Singh slammed Rahul Gandhi over the China-Pakistan remark, saying Rahul Gandhi was unaware that Pakistan handed over Shaksgam Valley to China during Nehru’s reign.


Rajnath Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi said that China-Pakistan has come together because of wrong policies of Modi government… He is unaware that Pakistan handed over Shaksgam valley to China during Nehru’s reign I think Rahul Gandhi is unaware that Pakistan handed over Shaksgam Valley to China during Nehru’s reign.”

Where is the Shaksgam Valley of India?

Shaksgam Valley is situated to the northwest of the Siachen Glacier. This beautiful valley is north of Baltistan and east of Gilgit and south of China’s Jinjiang but Indians cannot go here. Between the Karakoram Range and the Kun Lun mountain range, Shaksgam is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world. Although India officially considers it as part of its territory, since 1963 this area is under the administration of China. Earlier Pakistan claimed it to be a part of Kashmir.

Earlier while campaigning in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur district, Rajnath Singh referred to Gandhi’s mockery in Parliament targeting the PM Modi-led central government and accused Rahul Gandhi of trusting Chinese media in his own country. Put it.

Speaking on the casualties by the Chinese side during the Galwan Valley conflict, Rajnath Singh said, Rahul Gandhi’s suspicion on the Indian government shows that he believed the report of Chinese mouthpiece Global Times. “It means you (Rahul Gandhi) will accept whatever Chinese mouthpiece Global Times says,” Singh said. The Defense Minister condemned Rahul Gandhi’s statement and lauded the Indian soldiers who displayed utmost courage and valor while fighting the Chinese PLA along the LAC border during the Galwan skirmish.

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday appealed to the people to vote in favor of the BJP, saying, “If a new India is to be made, then a new Uttar Pradesh is also needed.” Addressing a public meeting at Katra in Shahjahanpur constituency, the minister appealed to the people to extend their support to meet the need of the hour and change the “fate of Uttar Pradesh by supporting Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath” for the next five years. Appealed to continue in power till