Before the Rajasthan assembly elections in 2023, Congress has made preparations to play a masterstroke. If Pilot supporters are to be believed, then the coronation of Sachin Pilot to the post of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress (PCC chief) president has been decided. The way supporters are gathering at Pilot’s residence, it seems that Sachin Pilot is going to take over the responsibility of PCC Chief again. At present, Pilot supporters say that they will have to wait for a few days, but supporters have claimed Pilot to be the PCC Chief. The way Rajasthan Congress in-charge Ajay Maken is taking a meeting with all the MLAs – Ministers and Block Presidents. Seeing him, it seems that the Congress high command will soon reshuffle at the organizational level in Rajasthan. State in-charge Ajay Maken has reached the capital Jaipur on 3rd April.

Congress returns with Pilot as PCC chief

During the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018, the command of the State Congress Party was in the hands of Sachin Pilot. It was under Pilot’s leadership that Congress was successful in forming the government in Rajasthan. After winning the elections, Sachin Pilot lagged behind in the race to become the CM. Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Annoyed by being made the Deputy CM, Sachin Pilot had revolted against the Gehlot government. Last year, during the rebellion, Sachin Pilot was removed from the post of PCC chief. In place of Pilot, Govind Singh Dotasra, a close aide of CM Gehlot, was made the president. The pilot was also sacked from the post of minister. The pilot has been without any post since the Gehlot-pilot faction was reconciled. Pilot supporters were adjusted in the expansion of the Gehlot cabinet and political appointments, but the Pilot himself has been without any post for two years. Sachin Pilot is not ready to leave Rajasthan. In such a situation, in terms of the height of the pilot, he can be made the PCC chief only.

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Congress does not want to lose Rajasthan

After a disappointing performance in the recently concluded five states, the focus of the Congress high command is on Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. In the assembly elections, Congress formed the government in all three states, but due to the rebellion of Jyotiraditya in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP came back to power. Congress is trying to make a comeback in Rajasthan. For this, Sachin Pilot can be made PCC Chief again. Sachin Pilot was made a star campaigner in five states. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi is in favor of making Pilot the PCC chief. State Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara’s farewell is being considered fixed.

Congress’s focus on booth level

Assembly elections in Rajasthan are to be held by the end of 2023. All the parties are busy in their preparations. Aam Aadmi Party is expanding the organization. BJP leaders are also engaged in showing strength. Congress is running a digital campaign. Congress is trying to add new members at the booth level. The works of Congress should reach the people. Today Congress in-charge Ajay Maken and former MP Sanjay Nirupam will hold a meeting with party office bearers.