TV actress Megha Gupta is often in the headlines due to her boldness. On social media, Megha shares her bold pictures as well as workout videos and lifestyle posts. Fans eagerly wait for his every post. On the day of Instagram, the actress shares many such posts which do not take any time to go viral. Now he has shared pictures of his Belly Piercing (Megha Gupta Belly Piercing) on ​​which fans are constantly giving their reaction. So far more than 45 thousand likes have come on these pictures of Megha.


Fans are not tired of praising Megha

After seeing the new pictures of Megha Gupta, the fans are not tired of praising her. One user wrote, ‘Your answer is no… every post of yours is amazing…’ Another user wrote, ‘Bold and beautiful…’. One person has also written, ‘Amazing style… but the pain must have been enough.’ Actress Narayani Shastri has also commented on this along with liking these pictures of Megha Gupta.

Megha has shifted to Goa

Megha Gupta’s personal life has been no less than the story of a film. Megha’s first marriage was with Aditya Shroff and within four years this relationship was also broken. After this Siddhant Karnik entered his life and Megha married him in 2016. After four years, Megha’s marriage also broke up. After the breakup of the second marriage, Megha Gupta shifted from Mumbai to Goa. Megha has taken home in Goa itself and every day she keeps attracting people’s attention due to her pictures and videos.

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