Sonakshi Sinha Has Been in a few Headlines About His Personal Life But Now All His Pictures Are Installed. Sonakshi shared a picture with actor Zaheer Iqbal and he wrote a lovely note on HIS BIRTHDAY Sonakshi Looks Less a Birthday Post. It is believed that he has officially Done His Love Life. After the post of Sonakshi, The Comment of Actress Kubra Sand Has Started Discussions.

Zaheer Iqbal, Who Worked in the Film ‘Notebook’ Celebrated His Birthday on December 10. Zaheer is Quite Close to Salman Khan At the Same Time Sonakshi ISO Very Good Bonding With Salman, It is happening that SALMAN khan has introduced Both. However, now what is the truth of their relationship, they can tell Both.

Special Post Shared On Birthday

Sonakshi Has shared two photos with Zaheer. He is standing in one and Zaheer Has PUT HIS HAND ON HIS SHOULDER. He is fixing His Hair Both Are Fighting in a Funny Style In The Second Picture Sonakshi Congratulated Birthday and Wrote- ‘Happy Birthday to the most disturbing person in the world. You are also the world’s best man. How can this happen How are you like this? Thanks For Taking Birth Happy Birthday Bye. ‘

Look a the comment

Zaheer Reared This Post – ‘But He is My Best Friend.’ In the second comment, he writes, ‘Can I Call His Heroine Alive?’ Among All this, The Comment of Actress Kubra Sand Has Drawn Attention He wrote- ‘Boy and Girl Can Never Be Friends Happy Birthday Zaheer,

Let’s Tell That Sonakshi And Zaheer Will Appear Together in The Movie ‘Double XL’ The FILM will be released in 2022.

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