If you are also worried about retirement and you do not understand where to invest, then we solve your problem. LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy Scheme is one such plan which has been designed keeping retirement in mind. Let us know all the details related to the scheme-


Benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Shanti Policy

1. Death benefit is available in this scheme of LIC. Due to which on the death of the investor, his family and nominee are given pension along with other benefits.

2. In this plan you will get 2 options, first Immediate Annuity and second Deferred Annuity. In Immediate Annuity, the investor gets the payment immediately. Whereas in Deferred Annuity, you invest in the plan by paying a single premium and you can get the payout after a certain number of years.

3. LIC It is necessary to invest at least 1.5 lakh rupees in this scheme. There is no maximum limit to investing in it.

4. Can start pension immediately or anytime between 1 to 20 years.

5. Any close relative can be included in the joint-life option.

6. If you start pension after 5 years on an investment of 10 lakhs, then you get an annual pension at the rate of 9.18 percent return.

 how much pension will you get

LIC If you invest 10 lakh rupees in this insurance policy at the age of 45, then you will start getting a pension of Rs 74,300 annually. If you want to take this amount monthly, then it will become around 9 thousand rupees. If you start pension after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, then its amount will increase, although there are some conditions. You can get the returns on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis also.

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The policy can be bought online and offline

This plan can be bought offline as well as online. LIC’s Jeevan Shanti is a comprehensive annuity plan in which the individual and his family will also get benefits.