In West Bengal, a controversial statement of Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and MLA Udayan Guha has come to the fore on Tuesday. Udayan Guha accused the Border Security Force (BSF) jawan of inappropriately touching women in the border areas under the guise of a search operation. BJP’s sharp reaction to Guha’s remarks has also come to the fore. BJP has termed Guha’s statement as an insult to the security forces.


Guha said this during a discussion on a resolution in the Bengal Assembly on Tuesday opposing the Centre’s decision to increase the jurisdiction of the BSF. He said in the House, ‘We have seen what kind of atrocities BSF inflicts on people. A girl child, who has seen her mother being touched inappropriately under the cover of a search, can never be a patriot when she returns from the farm, no matter how many times you chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ in front of her Why not put These incidents give rise to anti-social elements.’ He said on the floor of the House that these incidents give rise to anti-social elements.

Udayan Guha

BJP MLAs demanded that his remarks be removed from the proceedings of the House, but Speaker Biman Banerjee refused to do so. Talking to the media after coming out of the house, Guha said that he has spoken the truth. Condemning his statement, BJP MLA Srirupa Mitra Choudhary said the TMC MLA’s remarks were completely unacceptable and inappropriate. He said such comments are not only unacceptable but also an insult to our security forces. Security forces are the pride of our country. These comments reflect the mindset of TMC MLAs.

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