Some staff members of the Pakistan Embassy in America did not get a salary for four months. Some of these angry employees left the job. A similar complaint had come to the fore from the staff present in Serbia two days ago. Giving information about this on his Twitter handle there, the Embassy took a jibe at the Imran Khan government. Similar things are also coming out from Qatar, although this has not been confirmed.


Problems escalated in America

According to a report in Pakistan’s newspaper ‘The News’, the funds with the Pakistani Embassy in America have run out. There is also a lot of evidence for this. The situation has become such that the Embassy does not even have money left to pay salaries to its staff. Now the ambassadors are trying to handle the situation somehow, but for how long will they be able to do so? cannot be said. So far no statement has come from the side of the embassy. But, it is believed that soon similar news can come from some more embassies because the economic condition of Pakistan is very bad or on the verge of bankruptcy.

no salary for four months

According to the report, there are five employees in the Embassy of Pakistan who have not been able to get a salary for four months. He was last given a salary in July. Thereafter no payment was made from August to November. These are the staffers who were hired in America. These people were working in the embassy for about 10 years.

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According to the information, some of the five employees have resigned, but the Embassy or other people are refraining from talking about it. It is being told that the employees have resigned due to delay in payments. They were given jobs on annual contracts. Everyone’s salary is about 2500 thousand dollars a month.

The same happened in Serbia

Recently, a video was posted on the official Twitter handle of the Pakistani Embassy in Serbia demanding salary. In this, a meme and parody of Imran Khan’s slogan ‘Aapne journal this was used. The employees had said that due to non-payment of salary for three months, the children had to be from the school. The Pakistan government had given a childish statement saying that the account of the embassy was hacked.

It is being said that the Government of Pakistan has asked the Government of Qatar in an appeal to make arrangements for the salary of December for its employees. However, this report has not been confirmed yet.